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How to install Headwind MDM on CentOS?
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The tricky part is installation of required software, because CentOS (at least 6 and 7) doesn't provide the required versions by default.

Installing aapt

The aapt is a part of the Android build tools: https://androidaapt.com/.

# wget https://dl.google.com/android/repository/build-tools_r28.0.2-linux.zip

# unzip build-tools_r28.0.2-linux.zip

# ln -s android-9/aapt /usr/bin/aapt

Installing Java

# yum install java-1.8.0-openjdk

Installing Tomcat 8

The installation manual can be find here.

Installing PostgreSQL

Headwind MDM requires PostgreSQL 9.6 or newer. See the installation manual on the PostgreSQL official site.

Adjusting directories

Headwind MDM installer assumes the following Tomcat location: /var/lib/tomcat8.

If you're installing Tomcat in a different directory (for example, /opt/tomcat8), open the file hmdm_install.sh for editing and update the directories.

Installing Headwind MDM

After you installed all the required software and setup the PostgreSQL user, run the installer:


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