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We are trying to install Headwind MDM on Android 10, and it doesn't work. After I scan the QR code, the device stucks on "Getting Ready for Work Setup".

The same QR code works well on Android 9.

When I'm trying to enroll the agent located at https://app.h-mdm.com it works perfectly.

Our server and devices are located in a private network.

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Some devices (in particular running Android 10) require Internet connection at the time of enrollment. Apparently, they need to send the admin app (Headwind MDM) to an external resource like Google Play Protect. More details here: https://h-mdm.com/private-network/

The solution would be to enable Internet access during the enrollment. 

Your server containing Headwind MDM APK should be accessible. If you cannot set up access to your LAN address, you can use the external URL for Headwind MDM launcher, for example, from our website: https://h-mdm.com/files/hmdm-4.02-os.apk

To change the URL for Headwind MDM launcher, open the "Applications" tab, click "Add" and fill the form as shown in this picture:

Click "Save" and select "New version on the next screen":

On the next screen, select "Install" for all related configurations.

The device will be able to download Headwind MDM from an external website and install it.

After the device is set up, you can turn off Internet connection.

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QR code based enrollment uses a built-in download manager which seems to have bugs and doesn't report errors.

Unfortunately you cannot get diagnostics at startup provisioning, so you need to run a test and view issues in the Android log (logcat).

1. Install Android SDK on your computer.

2. Run adb. If it doesn't start, you may need to add the adb directory to PATH variable. The adb is located in the platform-tools subdirectory of Android SDK.

3. Enable USB debugging on your phone. See the section "Enable adb debugging on your device" of the Android adb manual: https://developer.android.com/studio/command-line/adb

4. Connect your phone to the computer by usb.

5. Download and install this utility.

6. Run the command on your computer from the command line

adb logcat >logcat.log

7. Run the utility, and enter the URL exactly as it appears in the QR code (parameter android.app.extra.PROVISIONING_DEVICE_ADMIN_PACKAGE_DOWNLOAD_LOCATION).

8. Make sure you don't get the "Download successful" message.

9. Stop the adb logcat command. The file logcat.log must contain error messages, like that:

05-23 10:15:37.973  2964  4706 D DownloadManager: [18] Starting

05-23 10:15:38.028  2964  4706 W DownloadManager: [18] Stop requested with status HTTP_DATA_ERROR: Invalid host: https://hmdm.your-website.com/hmdm/files//hmdm-3.24-master.apk

05-23 10:15:38.029  2964  4706 D DownloadManager: [18] Finished with status WAITING_TO_RETRY

05-23 10:15:38.057  2964  2964 D DownloadManager: onStopJob id=18, reason=0

Now you get the diagnostics and can resolve the download error.

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