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I added disable-camera on uses-policies in device_admin.xml file in order to use disable camera function for HMDM agent app.

There are two stituation:

1. If I update from older version to the newer ones, it dont specify for uses-policy for disable-camera. And the function is not working

2. If I reinstall the newer version, it works properly

I don't know how to fix the stituation 1, but i need to update app OTA, not reinstalling it

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1 Answer

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It looks like you are using the Device Administrator function, which is deprecated in Android. https://developers.google.com/android/work/device-admin-deprecation

Headwind MDM, when installed as a device owner (https://h-mdm.com/quick-start/#device), shouldn't have this problem.

However if you would like to proceed with Device Administrator, I believe you need to display the Administrator permissions request after the update. I suspect that the new permission should be explicitly granted by a user.
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