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at a certain point after moving our server and updating from 5.18 to 5.24 the Kiosk exit button in the top left corner went missing.
If I look at the Detailed information it shows that "Permission to overlay on top of other windows" is "no", but on many devices I did and checked that permission is activated for MDM Agent.

Strangely, a couple of installations I did with the APK and not thru the enrollment QR Code, they show that permission is yes and display the Kiosk exit button fine.
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Fixed the issue, I had put "no_create_windows" inside the restrictions and that disabled completely all overlays, even if permission is on.
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To enable kiosk exit button, please open the configuration details, MDM settings, and set the "Kiosk exit button" checkbox.

To apply the setting, reboot the device.

Please note that on some Android OS versions, for example, Android Go, the "Draw on top" permission is unavailable and the kiosk exit button will not be displayed.
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Kiosk exit button is already enabled on the configuration, device is rebooted and permission is given, but the button does not appear.
This also happens on devices that previously had the button before, but lost it after the update.
Please report an issue by writing an email to support@h-mdm.com. Please attach the contents of the "Detailed information" window for the device experiencing issues.