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I installed the Android application (launcher) and scanned the QR code. It fails when I use my fiber wifi, error: chain validation failed.

But it worked when I switched the connection to a mobile data hotspot, why?

below are the screenshots:


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2 Answers

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The "Chain validation failed" message means that the certificate doesn't belong to the domain you're trying to open.

To diagnose the issue, connect a device to the WiFi hotspot without MDM, and open the MDM URL in the browser. Make sure the is resolved correctly and the contents of the webpage is relevant.
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yes, I tried both fiber-wifi and mobile 3g hotspot, and open perfectly.

Sounds weird. Probably this issue: https://qa.h-mdm.com/7394/cannot-enroll-device-https-trust-anchor-certification-found  But then it should not work on both hotspots.
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it looks like my fiber wifi is the problem and I'm not sure why.
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