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Following the update of the MDM to the latest version (Panel & APK) my configurations which were in "MQTT - Delivery with energy saver" are no longer correctly configured.

As a result, the "Push Notifications" is empty on all my configurations.

How can I do an update on 1200 configurations? Directly on PSQL? I'm embarrassed, because I'd like to redefine everyone in one block to MQTT.

Similarly, port 31000 is open for me and is functional, but not systematically for our staff. Is it more advantageous to switch to HTTP in this case?

Thank you for your reply.yes

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The option "MQTT - Delivery with energy saver" is not working well and shouldn't be used (because in this mode devices are going to a sleep mode and Push notifications are not delivered).

Please change this setting to MQTT protocol (instant delivery). Switching to HTTP is also possible, but Push notifications may be delayed by up to 15 minutes. If that's not a big issue for you, you can switch Push notifications to HTTP and this may even work more reliably.

In general, it is not a good practice to have so many configurations. A configuration is intended to be used by multiple devices.

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Thank you for your reply.

Exactly, I want to change the setting to "MQTT protocol (instant delivery)". However, it is true that I made a mistake. I attributed 1 configuration = 1 person, because each person chooses these applications, and I don't have 2 people who have the same configuration. This model costs me 20 seconds to display all the devices on the MDM main menu.

Do you have a direct command by PSQL allowing me to do this for the 1200 configurations?

I really thank you.
I found this while digging through the database. But this update does not seem to send the information to the MDM Agent.

update configurations set pushoptions ='polling' where id='8';
SQL inquiries do not send Push notifications. The devices need to be rebooted or the configuration must be refreshed manually by clicking the "Refresh" icon.