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I have 1851 devices connected to MDM today. However, it appears that my setting in "MQTT protocol" overloads the server (2 Xeon (with 40 cores), 32 GB RAM, NVME SSD), because all the devices try to connect at the same time, and some do not get the update. Workaround: Click the manual update icon on the device.
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When you save a configuration with a large number of devices, all devices start updating at the same time, which causes a large load on the server.

To solve this problem, you need to add / uncomment the following parameter in ROOT.xml:

<Parameter name="mqtt.message.delay" value="100"/>

value is the pause in milliseconds between push notifications.
By choosing a pause between Push notifications, you can control the load on the server.

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Thank you for such a quick response. I will look at this setting as soon as I update the MDM to the latest version.