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We do not track the location, but because the app is technically allowed to access it our users are worried. Is there some workaround to disallow location access?
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To disable location tracking, adjust the "Permissions for other apps" field in the configuration details (Common settings).

If you don't need location tracking at all, select "Auto-grant all, do not grant the location permission".

If you may need location tracking in some other apps, select "Auto-grant all, ask user for the location permission", then disable location when Headwind MDM asks for it.

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I'm using the Open Source project, I don't seem to have this setting.
Please update your setup (both web panel and mobile agent): https://h-mdm.com/update/
I went through with the upgrade to the latest version (5.11.3). Copied the war file and restarted tomcat9. The option "Permissions for other apps" is still missing.
Is there any way to confirm my current version?
You may need to clear the browser cache and reload the web application. The version can be found by clicking 'admin' - 'About' in the top right corner.
Thanks, oversight on my part.
This setting only applies when starting an app for the first time, is that correct? It will not affect permissions that are already granted? (except for the location permission for MDM Agent)
This setting affects permissions of other apps as well. User may need to grant the permission for every app manually.