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There are situations where we may have to give out the administrator password to a device owner in the field, but we don't want that to be the general administrator password.

Is there a way to override the configuration specific administrator password manually with a device specific administrator password?
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In the device list, find a device and click ... -> Reboot, Lock, Reset option, then select Reset password. This should clear the existing password on a device and set up a new one.

Also, you can enable settings (com.android.settings) package and the user can enter settings and set up a password manually.

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Thank you!

I was not referring to the device admin password, but rather the MDM admin password - the one that allows the user enter settings mode on the device...

The device admin password is set up in the configuration details (Common settings). It couldn't be set for each specific device.
I understand that is not (yet) the case, but maybe it would be an option to override this with device specific parameters?