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I need to delete a file on a single device. Can I do that without assigning a new configuration to this device?
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Yes, you can remove files and perform other actions on a single device by using the "Push messages" plugin.

Open the plugin by clicking Functions - Push Messages. You can send Push messages to a single device, to a specified group or configuration, or to all your devices.

The following actions are available:

configUpdatedNotify the device about the configuration updatenone
runAppStart an application{pkg: "app.package.id"}
uninstallAppUninstall an application{pkg: "app.package.id"}
deleteFileDelete a file (the path is relative to the external storage){path: "/path/to/file"}
deleteDirDelete a directory recursively{path: "/path/to/dir"}
purgeDirDelete all files in the directory (optionally, delete subdirectories recursively){path: "/path/to/dir", recursive: "1"}
permissiveModeTurn on permissive mode (do not block anything)none
customSpecify a custom type a payload (this could be used to test third-party applications)Application-specified

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