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Dear team, I am new to HMDM, and I am very thrilled to explore its beauty and powers. I have developed an application for smart glasses [ThirdEyeGen X2] which is consistently being deployed at my headwind-mdm server.

The main feature of the application that it should be loaded at boot. Right now boot time of application loading is around 10-15 sec. which is really good. But after loading the application, it eventually goes to the background. Normally, what I required is that if application has been loaded successfully then it should have to be opened, but this is not the case.

- Please visit: Short Video Demo of the Issue

I have tried multiple opens from HMDM documentation but couldn't find any kind of useful help. I am attaching two files for your reference.

Your little assistance and help might save my days. Thanks in advance


Kind Regards, 

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This is the duplicate of https://qa.h-mdm.com/16979/

I guess the feature to run apps at boot is useful, so I consider it to be implemented in further version.
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