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Due to a copy error (CP), I overwritten the server.xml file. I can't restore it properly. How can I proceed?

Thank you, I really don't want to lose my data sad

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I can connect to port 8080 on my domain name, but the connection to 443 (https) no longer works. I'm lost and almost crying lol
i do cp /var/lib/tomcat9/conf/server.xml~ /var/lib/tomcat9/conf/server.xml unintentionally

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Run the script letsencrypt-ssl.sh from the installer. It will output the section which needs to be installed into server.xml to make https working.

But be careful, running the script multiple times (5 in a half an hour) will follow the ban of your domain by LetsEncrypt for a week!

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I modified in the ./letsencrypt-ssl.sh the "http_redirect=1", and the "domain", the steps went well, unfortunately, the server.xml file was not modified, and the https still does not work... The http does not work either, only the domain.com:8080. I should never have ordered "CP"... I have to return my school project tomorrow...
I succeeded by completely reinstalling the application and restoring the database. Thank you for your help !