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I removed some permissions from my app so that it can be installed without granting additional ones.

But now I get the message that the "Storage" permission is "Enforced by policy".

I think thats because of this configurable files which could be uploaded through the management software?

Is it possible to disable that so that my application can be installed unattended without any permission screen?

(this is related through https://qa.h-mdm.com/16633/update-apk-without-asking-the-user-for-permission but even without any additional permissions its not possible because of this policy)

Thanks in Advance

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Can you please clarify your question. Headwind MDM should automatically grant all permissions to your app, and it must be installed unattended. At which time you see this screen?
For example:
On the web control panel I add a new application. After I added this to the configuration of the MDM device (Actions = Install, Icon = Show, Display at the bottom line = Yes).
If I now click the reload button on the right side I will see the progress bar which downloads the current configuration and then it install the new app and shows me directly after the installation this permission screen. And after few minutes its still there. The application is set as: System = No, Run after installation = YES, Run at boot = YES
Since you've set "Run after installation", the app, well, runs after installation. So I guess the app doesn't check if the permission is granted at first time start, but unconditionally displays the permission screen. I don't think it's the MDM issue. I recommend you to contact the app developer regarding this issue. If an app follows the best practices https://developer.android.com/training/permissions/requesting then this screen is never shown and the app is installed unattended.
Im the app developer :-D So I will check what happen if I disable run after installation and I will check your best practices link.

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