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Thanks for your MDM software. Its very nice and easy to use.

Now I have a understanding question, because I have 2 exactly same devices but the one device is installing app updates automatically and the other device is always asking for it instead of installing automatically.

And I want to ask why? Because I cant find some different settings on the devices.

What did I do?

  1. Resetting the device
  2. Enabling developer settings by pressing 5 times the build button
  3. Allow ADB
  4. Installing the MDM -> adb install -r hmdm-4.02-os.apk
  5. Made MDM to device owner -> adb shell dpm set-device-owner com.hmdm.launcher/.AdminReceiver
  6. Open MDM & Scan QR Code of website
  7. Go through the steps which MDM software show
And then the one device is asking for installation and the other one is automatically green after few minutes/hours - so the app is automatically installed without asking.
Some ideas why this is the case?
Android 8 is installed on both.
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1 Answer

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If the device is asking the user before installation, it doesn't have the device owner rights.

Please check the device output at step 5. On success, it will respond like this:

Active admin component set to com.hmdm.launcher/.AdminReceiver

If you see an exception, then the device owner granting fails. In most cases, it happens because you assigned a Google or Samsung account to the device.

Note that a recommended way to install Headwind MDM is to use a built in QR code installer (ManageProvisioning): https://h-mdm.com/quick-start/#device

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