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I setup Headwind MDM, it worked, however after restarting the device the tablet boots into the regular Android launcher instead a kiosk mode.
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On some devices, after QR code based enrollment, the admin app (Headwind MDM) is not set as a default launcher.

To set Headwind MDM as a default launcher, do the following:

  • Click the Home button. The device must ask which launcher should be used. Select Headwind MDM, and set the "Always" option (important!).
  • Click the Home button once again, the device must stay in Headwind MDM.
  • Reboot the device and check that the device boots with Headwind MDM.

If, when clicking the Home button, you keep getting the regular Android launcher, open Settings - Apps - Default apps, and select Headwind MDM as the Default app (the term may vary on different devices). 

After that, click the Home button to check that the device keeps running Headwind MDM as a launcher.

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