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I would like to know if H-MDM server is compatible with Windows Server 2019 OS. It seems we're having directory path problem because H-MDM is using Linux directory format. Is there any additional setting for Windows?


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Here are sample parameters in ROOT.xml file for Windows:

    <Parameter name="files.directory" value="C:/temp/hmdm/files"/>

    <Parameter name="plugins.files.directory" value="C:/temp/hmdm/plugins"/>

    <Parameter name="initialization.completion.signal.file" value="C:/temp/hmdm/initialized.txt"/>

    <Parameter name="aapt.command" value="C:/bin/aapt.exe"/>

    <Parameter name="log4j.config" value="file:///C:/temp/hmdm/log4j-hmdm.xml"/>

Notice that if you add aapt directory in the %PATH% variable, you can use the default attribute value: <Parameter name="aapt.command" value="aapt"/>

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