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We would like to open a web link in kiosk mode and restrict user on this website.

Is it possible to achieve with your solution ?

I tried to create a new application with a web URL, and put it as the main app in kiosk mode, but it doesn't work.

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Yes, it is possible. There is a "Kiosk Browser" plugin which does exactly what you're looking for.

1. Open the configuration details, Applications tab, click "Add".

2. Type "Kiosk" in the "Application name" field, you'll get a "Kiosk Browser", select it, then click "Add".

3. (a tricky part - kiosk browser app remote configuration) Open the Application Settings tab, click Add, and add the following setting:

Application: com.hmdm.kiosk

Setting: start_url

Value: https://your.url.here/path/

Click OK to add the setting.

Note: there are other available settings for Kiosk Browser: 

allowed_hosts - a POSIX regular expression for allowed URLs, defaults to .* 

full_screen - 0 or 1, specifying whether the kiosk browser should open in a full screen mode hiding the status bar and navigation bar, defaults to 1.

4. Setup the kiosk browser as the main kiosk app. Open MDM Settings tab, set the "Kiosk mode" checkbox, and type "kiosk" in the "Mai

5. Click "Save" to save the configuration.

The devices of this configuration should switch to kiosk mode and open the URL you've specified.

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