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I have followed the video manual: https://youtu.be/EBFecUEFuZo

But when I installed the remote access agent, it stucks at "This app requires accessibility issues". When I am clicking "Continue", I'm getting a black screen: com.android.settings is not allowed.

What am I doing wrong?
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1 Answer

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There is a bug in the integration flow described in the video. The remote access agent requires to open some settings sheets, which are blocked by Headwind MDM.

The following workaround should be done.

Before installing Headwind Remote Premium to the configuration, temporarily enable the whole com.android.settings package (see here how to), or enable only the required activities:

- open the configuration details, MDM settings

- enter the following activities in the "Allowed activities" field:

com.android.settings.Settings$AccessibilitySettingsActivity, com.android.settings.Settings$AccessibilityInstalledServiceActivity, com.android.settings.Settings$AppDrawOverlaySettingsActivity

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