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The installer script installs to /hmdm by default so when I open the domain name in browser, it tells me 404 not found.
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To install Headwind MDM to the root path, you need to type ROOT when the installer asks for the project path.

Here's the installer log:

root@demo.h-mdm.com:~/hmdm-install# bash hmdm_install.sh

Please choose the installation language (en/ru) [en]: en

PostgreSQL database setup


Make sure you've installed PostgreSQL and created the database:

# CREATE USER hmdm WITH PASSWORD 'topsecret';


PostgreSQL host [localhost]: localhost

PostgreSQL port [5432]: 5432

PostgreSQL database [hmdm]: hmdm

PostgreSQL user [hmdm]: hmdm

PostgreSQL password: plain-password-here

File storage setup


Please choose where the files uploaded to Headwind MDM will be stored

If the directory doesn't exist, it will be created

Headwind MDM directory [/opt/hmdm]: /opt/hmdm

Web application setup


Headwind MDM requires access from Internet

Please assign a public domain name to this server

Protocol (http|https) [http]: http

Domain name or public IP (e.g. example.com): demo.h-mdm.com

Port (leave empty for default ports 80 or 443):

Project path on server or ROOT [/hmdm]: ROOT

Tomcat virtual host [localhost]: localhost

Ready to install!

Location on server: /opt/hmdm

URL: http://demo.h-mdm.com

Is this information correct [Y/n]? Y

Tomcat config file created: /var/lib/tomcat8/conf/Catalina/localhost/ROOT.xml

Deploying hmdm-3.10.0003-os.war to Tomcat: /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps/ROOT.war


Deployment successful, initializing the database...


Headwind MDM has been installed!

To continue, open in your web browser:


Login: admin:admin

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