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I enabled the camera application in the configuration settings, but when I enroll the device, there is no camera icon. My device is Digma Citi.
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Some manufacturers can preinstall their own camera apps (and other system packages), so the camera's package ID differs from the standard "com.android.camera". Examples are:

Huawei: com.huawei.camera

Mediatek: com.mediatek.camera

Samsung: com.sec.android.app.camera


To reveal the package ID of the camera app, use the "Application List" app which can be downloaded here.

The app can also be used to upload the new packages from the device to the server (you need to setup the server URL, device ID and a password provided by Headwind MDM representative. If you do not want to upload the new packages, just tap "Skip" when the application asks for the credentials.

Using the "Application list" is easy: just search for "camera" or another app you're interested in, and you will get its package ID.

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For Digma device, the package ID for the camera app is com.android.camera2.

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