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In our country, each corporate user wants to use his own APN. How could he setup it using Headwind MDM?

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The custom APN can be set up in Android 9 and above.

To setup the APN remotely, use the APN plugin.

1. Download the Android application here: https://h-mdm.com/files/apn-1.03.apk and  upload it to Headwind MDM web panel. It is recommended to set the checkbox "Run after installation".

2. Add the following parameters in the "Application settings" tab of the configuration details (the application should be com.hmdm.apn):

apn_desc: Human-readable name

apn_name: APN name

apn_mcc: MCC (country code)

apn_mnc: MNC (operator code)

apn_proxy_addr: Proxy address

apn_proxy_port: Proxy port

apn_user: Authentication username

apn_password: Password

Notice: apn_desc, apn_name, apn_mcc and apn_mnc are required, others are optional

To clear the APN, use the following setting:

apn_clear: 1

Save the settings and they should be automatically applied if the APN plugin is running in the foreground. If it is not running, run it and check out its output. 

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Good day, I'm new to HMDM and in the process of testing HMDM for our company, could you give an example of how the changes to APN is made?
Hello! The process is detailed above. If you have any difficulties in any paragraph, please contact us https://h-mdm.com/contact-us/