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Could you please add info in how to update Server-Part (web panel)?

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Web panel update

To update the web panel, please do the following.

1. Download the latest version of the WAR file (Community edition - https://h-mdm.com/download/, section "Web panel, WAR file"). Unzip the archive and upload the WAR file to your server.

2. Find the working copy of the web panel. For Tomcat 8 on Ubuntu Linux, it is located in /var/lib/tomcat8/webapps and is named ROOT.war or hmdm.war.

3. Replace the working copy by the new WAR file.

4. Restart Tomcat

service tomcat8 restart

Note: Tomcat automatically re-deploys the WAR file, but it is better to restart to be sure all delayed tasks are gracefully renewed.

Launcher update

To update the launcher, please do the following.

1. Download the latest version of the launcher APK (Community https://h-mdm.com/download/, section "Android application (launcher)").

2. Log in to the web panel, select the Applications tab.

3. Click Add and upload the APK to the server.

4. After uploading, you will get a dialog managing the configurations where the launcher must be updated.

Select "Install" for all configurations where the launcher should be updated, and click Save.

5. The launcher must be updated automatically. If a launcher is not updated on some devices, click the "Refresh configuration" icon on the device.

NOTE: I recommend to update launcher on a test group of devices first!

Update your production environment only when you will be sure that everything is working well on a test group.

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