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The following apps are downloading and installing on each device by default:

  • Dialer Helper
  • Headwind MDM
  • Headwind MDM Pager Plugin
  • Headwind MDM update helper
  • WiFi Manager

What's the purpose of these applications and can I remove them from the configuration?

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  • Dialer Helper - this app is only required on some devices where the phone app is not visible in the launcher. Try to remove it and if you will still see the phone icon, you can safely remove Dialer Helper.
  • Headwind MDM - this is the launcher itself. It must present in the configuration. If you do not want to update it later, just uncheck the version control. See for details: https://qa.h-mdm.com/2126
  • Headwind MDM Pager Plugin - this is the pager plugin. You can remove it if you do not need it.
  • Headwind MDM Update Helper - this is a useful app which restores Headwind MDM after crashes and sometimes after updates. I would keep it in the configuration. But the app icon needs to be hidden.
  • WiFi Manager - not required any more since WiFi settings are accessible. You can safely remove it from the configuration.
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