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I would like to import all the device names using the import feature.

If I import devices from a file, is it possible to re-import the devices without having to reregister the device?

Here’s an example:

I import a list of 3000 devices labeled Device1, Device2, etc

I register the devices and they are working

I want to change the grouping of the devices, so I import again – same device names Device1, Device2, etc – but I changed the group name and/or configuration name?

Would I need to reregister all 3000 devices locally?

I’m basically asking if I can overwrite device settings via import – but leave the name so the devices do not have to be setup by the user on their end.

Also, does the import append unique names to the existing device list, or does an import replace the current device list.  If I have 100 devices and I want to import 200 more unique device names, will it delete the existing 100 and result in a list of only the 200 I imported instead of adding the 200 I imported to the existing list of 100?


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When you import devices, Headwind MDM will ask you how would you like to handle duplicate device IDs. Two options are available:

1. Override - existing device settings (group, configuration) will be replaced by the new settings

2. Ignore - the system will keep existing device settings.

The plugin will ask for this at step 2 of import (when you select a file and click "Import").

In any case, you do not need to re-enroll the existing devices, the configuration should be updated automatically (if it doesn't, tap the "Refresh" button on the device).

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