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We have installed h-mdm launcher in the device firmware as the system app.

Everything work well except the slow and time consuming enrollment flow. We need to enter the server, device id, permissions...

There is no issue if you have to configure for few devices for h-mdm, but if you want to configure 15000 devices, then the installation wizard is after all time consuming,  manual process and also there may be human error in doing so.

Is there any elegant way to configure 15000 devices for mdm?

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Installing Headwind MDM as the system app doesn't grant the device owner rights (here's how to grant the device owner rights if required).

To improve the enrollment user experience, you need to build your own version of Headwind MDM and make slight changes to the source code.

Find the app/src/main/java/com/hmdm/launcher/ui/BaseActivity.java and change the line 130:


        enterDeviceIdDialogBinding.showDeviceIdQrCode.setVisibility(Utils.isDeviceOwner(this) ? View.VISIBLE : View.GONE);



This will enable a "QR code" button in the "Device ID" dialog, so you could use QR code for enrollment.

Another options are:

1. Use IMEI as the Device ID.

To enable IMEI suggestions, change the option SUGGEST_IMEI_AS_ID to true in app/build.gradle:

buildConfigField("Boolean", "SUGGEST_IMEI_AS_ID", "true")

In the device ID dialog, you'll get the "Suggest" button.

2. Change the server URL

To update the server URL, change the build parameter BASE_URL (and SECONDARY_BASE_URL) in build.gradle to the URL of your MDM server. The SERVER_PROJECT parameter contains the path of Headwind MDM web panel on your server (leave it empty if you're installing in the root folder).

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Is it possible to use Ethernet MAC instead of IMEI example above?
Ethernet is a non-standard network interface for Android. In the current version of Headwind MDM, usage of the Ethernet MAC instead of IMEI is not possible.

In order to use Ethernet MAC instead of IMEI, you need to purchase the Enterprise version and request the customization of your software.