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As far as I understand, we have to manually enter all the apps that we allow to run on the devices.

Now there are some device on which we want to use h-mdm only for deployment of apks and setting parameters to them (e.g. your WIFI manager, our version of kisok browser, …), but still allow users to run any other app.
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There are several ways to do that.

1. At first start, do not grant access to history usage and accessibility services. This will prevent app guard services to start. If you already granted access, open Android settings and revoke access in Applications - Headwind MDM - Permissions.

2. Install the Community launcher.

3. If you have the source code of Headwind MDM launcher, you can modify the code of CheckForegroundApplicationService.getBlockedForegroundPackage() so it will return null for all apps (probably except Android settings).

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