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I'm trying to install APK files on Xiaomi Redmi 7A. The file is downloaded, but I cannot see the app icon on the desktop.
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To see the reason why APK is not installed, you can turn on launcher logs and read the error message.

Most probable reason is that APK contains native code which is not compatible with the processor architecture. When you're installing the app from Google Play, it automatically suggests the compatible APK file.

To fix this issue, you need to have a device of the same architecture. Install the application from Google Play on this device, then get the APK from the device and upload it to Headwind MDM control panel.

Here's a step-by-step guide.

  • Install Android SDK
  • Turn on developer mode (Settings - About phone, then tap 7 times on the "Build number" or "MIUI version" for Xiaomi)
  • Open the developer settings, and turn on the "USB debugging" flag
  • Connect the device to the computer by USB and confirm the connection
  • Run in the command line adb shell
  • Run commands 

$ pm path ru.yandex.yandexmaps


$ exit

Notice: you must know the package ID of the application. When you're getting the app from Google Play, the package ID is the part of the URL.

  • Copy the file to the computer

adb pull /data/app/ru.yandex.yandexmaps-PE6v3Ai5WKO-crd2GV0ASw==/base.apk

  • Give a unique name to this file and upload it to Headwind MDM control panel
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