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The device downloads all apps from the Internet and it is very slow.

When they are in the same local network as Headwind MDM server, they can use local IP address to download apps and it is much faster.

How can I temporarily setup Headwind MDM launcher to use local IP address for downloading apps, then revert it back to Internet address?

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First of all, please check that apps are indeed available in your LAN.

To test this, find Headwind MDM launcher in the "Applications" settings and get its URL:

Replace the domain name in this URL by the local IP address and test if it could be downloaded. 

If you are able to download apps through the local IP address, replace the URLs of required applications.

For each application which has the URL, click the "Versions" action.

Then click "Edit" and update the URL by changing the domain name by the local IP address.

The devices should be now set up through the local IP.

After you setup all devices, revert the URLs back to the original domain name.

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If you are unable to change the URL of the app version, the app may be mistakenly declared as "System". System apps are the apps preinstalled to the device, like Settings, Camera, etc. They cannot have URL. The solution would be to uncheck the "System" flag for those apps.
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You can change the server URL as well. This must be done on each device (no option for bulk server URL changing). To change the server URL, tap and hold the key icon, then enter the admin password, and click "Change server URL".

Do not forget to change it back after setup, otherwise devices won't work outside your intranet.
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