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We have enrolled our fleet of devices on dev server. We want these devices to function on production server even after migration (without re enrollment).

Please let me know exact steps to migrate.

We have already installed the web panel on the production server.

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Migration without re-enrollment is only possible if you have assigned a domain name to your dev server. To migrate to the production server, you need to change the DNS record for your domain and point it to the production server.

Other steps to migrate

1. Copy Headwind MDM database.

On the legacy server, run the command (as root):

su postgres

pg_dump hmdm /tmp/hmdm_db.sql

(hmdm is the database name, replace it to your database name if you have changed it)

Copy the SQL dump to the new server, then run the command (as root):

su postgres

psql hmdm < /tmp/hmdm_db.sql

2. Copy the XML configuration file

If you have installed Headwind MDM in the root folder, the file is located by default here:


3. Copy the contents of the Headwind MDM storage (located in /opt/hmdm by default).

4. Change the owner of the Headwind MDM storage on the new server:

chown tomcat8:tomcat8 /opt/hmdm

5. Make sure the MQTT socket in the XML configuration file is correct (parameter mqtt.server.uri).

6. Restart Tomcat on the new server

service tomcat8 restart

If everything is done correctly, you must get the Headwind MDM web panel when open your domain in browser.

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