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Once "Settings" are blocked, how can user configure WIFI settings?

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You can use any third-party WiFi manager.

We recommend using our WiFi manager which is integrated with Headwind MDM. 

Here's the download link: https://h-mdm.com/files/WiFiManager_v1.14.apk

This WiFi manager can be remotely configured from the web panel, so the mobile device can only connect to specified WiFi networks, and the WiFi password can be preinstalled on the device.

Without the remote configuration, this WiFi manager just allows the user to manage WiFi networks.

The WiFi manager is configured by using "Application settings". Here is the sample configuration:

Package ID: com.hmdm.wifimanager

Attribute: config



    "allAllowed": false / true,

    "freeAllowed": false / true,

    "allowed": [


            "ssid": "ssid value",

            "bssid": "bssid value",

            "password": "password value"





Meaning of JSON attributes in the configuration:

allAllowed: Are connections to any WiFi networks allowed. Defaults to true. 

freeAllowed: Are connections to free WiFi networks allowed. Defaults to true. This flag is ignored if allAllowed is set to false.

allowed: list of allowed WiFi networks.

For each network, you must set either SSID or BSSID. The password is optional; if set, the user does not need to enter the password to connect to WiFi network.

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