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Hello. I have added to a profile, these apps:

com.facebook.katana (0)
com.facebook.appmanager (0)
com.facebook.system (0)

Both three as "Delete".

The Facebook app is removed succesful, but the appmanager no, so the user can open again the "factory Facebook icon" on the phone and reinstall facebook again.

How to accomplish that? I want the phone to be clean of unnecesary apps, also the Play Store. I only want to have the Apps that I allow on the portal available, but the user must not install any kind of software or APK.

Thanks for the help.!!
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Some apps are preinstalled in the Android OS, so they couldn't be deleted. The Play Store couldn't be deleted as well.

You can see more details about the app uninstall failure if you turn on Headwind MDM launcher logs.

If you hide the icons of unwanted apps, the user couldn't easily run them. If you're using Headwind MDM Enterprise, you can completely block unwanted apps, so even if the user tries to run them in some way, they will be blocked.

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