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We have tested a beta version of our app on three devices. It didn’t work. Now we want to go back to previous version of our app.

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1. Open the configuration details, Applications tab, and find the app you'd like to downgrade.

2. Click the version number.

2. In the popup window, select the previous version you'd like to install on devices.

Click "Apply", then confirm downgrade.

3. You will see that previous (higher) version will be "Deleted", and the lower version will be "Installed". This is because Android doesn't allow to downgrade the app, but the lower version can be installed after removing the app.

4. Save configuration by clicking "Save" at the bottom. This will notify the devices to begin downgrading.

5. To check whether the app is really uninstalled, open the Devices tab, and check the installation status of the affected devices. The installation status must become yellow first (move the mouse over the status dot to see the details). After the Headwind MDM agent downgrades the app, the status must become green.

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