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I tested my application on some devices. Now I'd like to remove the application from these devices, how can I do that?

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1. Open the configuration details, Applications tab, and find your application in the list.

2. Select action: Delete

Notice: "Do not install" will remove the application icon from the mobile device desktop but it will not uninstall the application.

3. Save the configuration by clicking "Save" at the bottom.

4. To check whether the app is really uninstalled, open the Devices tab, and check the installation status of the affected devices. The installation status must become yellow first (move the mouse over the status dot to see the details). After the Headwind MDM agent removes the app, the status must become green.

5. After the app is uninstalled from all devices, you can set the Action to "Do not install". This will remove the app from the list of apps.

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