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Could you tell me when it's possible to update/install silently an apk ?
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The possibility of silent installation depends on how did you install Headwind MDM launcher.

Headwind MDM allows silent installation of applications in the following cases:

1. You've used QR code based enrollment (works on most Android 7.0+ devices). Here is the manual how to enroll using QR code: https://h-mdm.com/quick-start/

2. You used adb to set Headwind MDM (com.hmdm.launcher) as device owner. This requires developer SDK: https://qa.h-mdm.com/1411/

3. You have signed Headwind MDM launcher by system keys or installed it in the firmware in the priv-app directory.

If you installed Headwind MDM launcher by simple installing the APK, silent installation will not work, even if you grant all permissions the launcher asks for.

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