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Good morning.

My MDM and my devices are in version 5.25.1 and 5.26 for the application.

Is it safe to update?

Because when reading your commits on GitHub, the modifications to the new protocol which seems to replace MQTT require that the WEB and Android application be linked.

I'm using HTTP protocol for message delivery, and it works perfectly. Is this preserved?

Also, I don't quite understand the changelog on the Android app. You are talking about "Force configuration update time is changed to 1 hour; Works with library 1.1.5 (added the method forceConfigUpdate)", does this mean that automatically, the devices request the configuration from the WEB server every hour? This is a great development!

Do we need to configure anything, or how can we leverage the forceConfigUpdate method?

Thank you very much for your response! It’s a pleasure to talk with you!
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All Headwind MDM mobile app versions are compatible with the backend versions.

Please note that old implementation of HTTP protocol delays Push messages by up to 15 minutes. New implementation of long polling in Headwind MDM launcher 5.27 should provide instant delivery, but may increase the server load.

I recommend you to update the server instance to 5.27.1 first. It supports both legacy 15-minutes polling and new "long polling" (they are implemented in different REST methods).

Once you update the backend, try updating a small number of test devices with Headwind MDM launcher 5.27, and check how it works. If everything is working well, you can migrate all your devices to the new version.
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