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After I ran the Headwind Remote installer, it completes successfully and writes me the URL and secret of my server.

However when I'm trying to open the URL of Headwind Remote, I'm getting the "Connection Refused" message.
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1. Review the installation log for error messages. Some errors which are not considered by the installer as fatal, are indeed fatal. For example, nginx will not start if there's a LetsEncrypt (certbot) error while generating a HTTPS certificate.

2. Sometimes the installer mistakenly generates a directory instead of a config file (a known issue of the Ansible v1).

Please check that by running the command:

    ls -l deploy/dist/conf/nginx

If you see that one or more files in that directory are indeed directories, remove them by using the command

    rm -rf deploy/dist/conf/nginx/wrong-directory

Then remove Docker images by the command

    docker-compose down

and restart the script by using the command

    bash ./install.sh

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