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Hi, I have two application inside my configuration to be installed from mdm.
Only one of the applications is being granted runtime permissions for camera usage, the other is not.
Is there any explanation for why this is the case?
Launcher variant is master, the device is listed as being in mdm mode.
Android version 7.1.1 model number SM-J320W8
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Headwind MDM always grant requested permissions.

If the app doesn't get the camera permissions, most probably the permission is declared incorrectly in the Android manifest file.

You need to analyze manifest files of both apps and find the difference.
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For more context here, the issue ended up being that neither manifest seemingly was requesting camera permission but the one that was working had implementation 'com.journeyapps:zxing-android-embedded:3.5.0@aar' which seems to implicitly add the camera permissions from the package on a release build.
That is a possible reason. Anyway, you need to declare all permissions in AndroidManifest.xml, otherwise the app can't get them.