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We have been setting up a lot of kiosk devices that need to run unattended. When we push out an update to our application many pick them up straight away but others never pick them up. We can't use MQTT because of some network restrictions on some sites - so all are set to HTTP polling, I've waiting more then 24 hours and only around 25% have picked up the latest update.

Sending reboot commands does reboot the device but it still doesn't always pick up the update. Sending configUpdated is acknowledged in the logs but no application update. There are no errors in the logs worth noting. Sometimes changing configuration will help trigger a missing update. If a user manually clicks up update button on the device then it will always update the application but we need these updates to work without user interaction. What could be causing this issue and is there a push message or process that can help it work?
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HTTP polling should always refresh the configuration.

The behavior you reporting (no unattended updates, only manual updates after forcing the configuration refresh) could happen if you set up the preferred time for application updates in the configuration details. Please check that parameter.

For more help, please contact the support: https://h-mdm.com/contact-us/
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Previously (several weeks ago) I did set a preferred time for application updates and I removed it a few days later. It might be related because since I did that a lower percentage of devices seem to pick up updates.
Yes, it could have an impact. If the allowed update time is short, applications may not have time to update.