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Once the application is installed from Chromium, when launching it, at first it is blocked by h-mdm, but on a second attempt it runs.

For example, when it blocks its execution, the h-mdm log shows "Blocked package by usage stats: org.chromium.webapk.ae5e13c14b47362627_v2 / org.chromium.webapk.shell_apk.h2o.H2OOpaqueMainActivity".

Why on a second attempt it can be executed?

How can I block it?

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Progressive Web Apps are built on Google servers to APKs having a unique package ID (in your case, org.chromium.webapk.ae5e13c14b47362627_v2). You can enable that package ID in Headwind MDM (here's how to).

It's hard to say why it is not blocked second time. However it's unclear why you would like to block the PWA after intentionally installing it on a device. If you don't want to run a PWA, just don't install it.

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The Progressive Web App is installed by the user from Chrome when visiting a website that has it available, such as Telegram, using the menu option add to home screen.

I don't know how to block this Chrome option or why Headwind MDM allows to run it when it is tried repeatedly.

With the usual apps this does not happen and they cannot be launched until I give them permission in Headwind MDM.
Probably because Chrome can detect that PWA having a generated package ID can't be started, and reloads the web page in Chrome (so the package ID is com.android.chrome which is not blocked). We will perform tests with PWAs.