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I turned on location:

However not all my devices are shown on the map. 

In particular, the location is only determined after a while when I'm outdoors.

Can I setup the devices so that the location is determined by both WiFi networks and GPS?

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Yes, you can. You need to turn on Google location service.

When you enrolling the device by scanning a QR code, the Google location service is off by default.

When you set GPS to "Enabled" on the server, the device will request the user to turn on GPS and open the location settings.

On the location settings screen, you need to find Google Location Accuracy. It may be an option on the location settings screen, or you could find it in Advanced popup menu. Here is the Google's instruction how to do that.

Turn on Google Location, this will allow the device to get locations by WiFi networks.

To check that the device is getting locations well, turn on logs. Then reboot the device and search in logs for the string "Request location updates":

If you see that all providers are "true", the device is set up correctly.

Request location updates. gps=true, network=true, passive=true

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