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Hi, I want to ask about what the solution that can do to fix upload APK stuck. That I'm upload APK with size 156 and the upload stuck at 156.0/156.0 MB and not complete after I'm waiting 5-10 menit...

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Most probably, being stuck at the end of uploading means the APK parsing error (the UI should return an error but sometimes it doesn't).

Please check the following places for errors:

1. Open the Chrome developer console, "Network" section, and check the HTTP errors

2. Check this file: /var/lib/tomcat9/logs/catalina.out, it should contain the error stack trace in the case of error.
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There's nothing an error in HTTP but the status code is "304 Not Modified" or "POST https://websitelink/rest/private/web-ui-files 413 (Payload Too Large)"  and at the Catalina logs there's nothing an error logs. So what can I do to upload the file within the current condition?
Do you use a proxy in front of Headwind MDM? Please check this: https://qa.h-mdm.com/11659/failed-to-upload-the-app-413-request-entity-too-large
okay thank you for the solution maybe I'll try and inform to you what the results