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There are green, yellow and red dots. Green are OK, but what do yellow and red mean?

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You can see the details of the status by moving a mouse above the color dot.

Permission status

After enrollment, Headwind MDM launcher asks you to grant some permissions. Here are the available permissions and their importance for work:

Device administrator - prevents user from removing the app and allows remote factory reset. This permission is granted automatically when the device is enrolled via QR code.

Overlay on top of other windows - required for kiosk mode to create the hidden button to exit kiosk; also, this permission is needed to show a warning screen when the user tries to run unwanted apps (however is not required for unwanted app block). You are asked to grant this permission at first start.

Access to usage history - required to block unwanted apps. If this permission is not granted, the user will be able to access, for example, Android settings. You are asked to grant this permission at first start.

If you see the yellow permission status, you can request permissions once again. To request permissions, open the admin mode (tap and hold the key icon at the middle right of the screen then enter the admin password), and select Check permissions button.

Installation status

Yellow status here means that some applications which need to be updated are not updated, or some applications which need to be removed are not removed. Red status means that some applications are not installed.

To see the details of the issue, look into the logs (Functions - Logs). Turn on logging for com.hmdm.launcher in Settings - Logs if required.

Files status

This is the status of files transferred to the device SD card in Files tab of the configuration details. 

The details why files were not transferred can also be found in the logs.

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