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We are unable to update launcher to v. 5.18 from 5.17. When we force install on the phone, the new apk is downloading, it install it but nothing change.
In logs we have these messages :

22/05/2023 16:05:20.951 SAMSUNG-xxxx com.hmdm.launcher VERBOSE Update flow completed

22/05/2023 16:05:20.758 SAMSUNG-xxxx com.hmdm.launcher ERROR Install failed: INVALID, extra: INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE

22/05/2023 16:05:19.605 SAMSUNG-xxxx com.hmdm.launcher INFO Silently installing app com.hmdm.launcher 5.18

22/05/2023 16:05:17.503 SAMSUNG-xxxx com.hmdm.launcher DEBUG Downloading app: com.hmdm.launcher

On Redmi devices, we have this message :

Install failed: INVALID, extra: INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE: Package Verification Result

Thanks in advance

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The was a version code bug in 5.18 (Community version) which has been fixed in 5.19.
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Thanks for the solution
Thank you also from my side - it works with a new 5.19
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You can see similar behavior if you upgrade from the full version of the launcher 5.17 to the community version of the launcher 5.18.

The correct version is hmdm-5.18-master.apk

If you're the user of Headwind MDM Premium, please contact us (https://h-mdm.com/contact-us/) to get the URL of the correct APK.
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We want to update the community version from 5.17 to 5.18/5.19 and get a similar log message:

Install failed: INVALID, extra: INSTALL_FAILED_VERSION_DOWNGRADE: Downgrade detected: Update version code 5190 is older than current 14170

We hope for support and thanks also in advance
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