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I am currently facing the following challenge: in order to establish the connection to a certain page of the company, SSL certificates are required and has to be deployed to the mobile devices. After a long search in your forum as well as in the www, I have not yet found a solution to the problem.

The manual installation of the certificates runs smoothly. However, due to the number of devices, this is almost impossible.

Is it possible to automate the certificate installation to devices?
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Custom certificates could be embedded in the source code of Headwind MDM in PEM format. Note that it's unsafe to transfer certificates through the network due to a possible interception attack.

To embed certificates in the source code, please do the following:

1. Prepare the certificates in PEM (BASE64-encoded) format, and put them to assets subdirectory (one file per certificate).

2. Add the file names (without path, just file names, e.g. mycert.pem, myrootcert.pem) to res/values/strings.xml in the "certificates" string array.

The certificates will be installed at first app start (including the initial enrollment).

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