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Built and deployed a custom app, added to "applications" deployed to all devices without issue, MDM and app work great on all devices.

However, something is causing all devices to prompt for install of the existing app each day. No changes to the app or changes to the APK version in "Applications". Trying to nail down what I'm doing wrong.
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Headwind MDM tries to update the existing app when the following conditions are met:

1. The version installed on a device is lower than the version indicated in the web panel configuration;

2. The application fails to install due to some reason (most probable reasons are issues with the versionCode field or signing keys).

The workaround would be to open the configuration details, "Applications" tab, find the problematic application, click the version (it's a clickable link), and set the "Disable version checking" checkbox. Then save the configuration to apply changes.

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