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I am in Kiosk mode and the phone went to a small blue circle stating "Updating apps" then after about 2 minutes closed and went to lock screen with clock. I had to manually unlock phone. I need this to NEVER go to a lock screen. The app must stay open at all times. How would I remove the lock screen that shows the clock and such?
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You can set some big value for the screent timeout in the configuration details, "Common settings" tab.

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That's not the issue. I have that set to 9999999 and this happened within the first minute to the first 10 minutes depending on the phone. This has happened multiple times and is causing issues. The latest one did this for 17 minutes before bringing me back to the app.
Unfortunately there's no other option. So if it doesn't work on your device, there's no way to turn off the screen timeout in MDM (perhaps you can fix this in your application by acquiring the wake lock).