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I am trying to set the location permission of the MDM agent to "Allow all the time" but it's stuck on "Allow only while using the app". On one device it was default set to allow all the time, the other one is stuck on only while using the app. How can I set it to always be allowed?
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It says "Foreground access enabled by admin" while still saying "Allow only while using the app"

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Location options "Allow only while using the app" and "Allow all the time" were introduced in Android 10 and the option "Allow only while using the app" is the default one. 

Looks like there is an OS bug preventing the administrator app to automatically grant "Allow all the time" permission (android.permission.ACCESS_BACKGROUND_LOCATION permission).

The workaround is to let the user manage the permission manually. 

In the configuration details, set "Permissions for other apps": "Auto-grant all, ask user for the location permission".

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After doing that I now have the option to change the location setting, but it automatically changes itself back to allow only while using the app immediately after I select allow all the time.