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I am working on a configuration that we will use for deploying to multiple remote devices. We are using Zebra TC21 mobile computers.

Everything works perfectly with the MDM, however, when I try and enroll a device to a specific configuration and select "Serial Number" or "IMEI," the device still prompts the user to input a Device ID after enrollment.

Headwind MDM does have access to the serial number of these devices, as all of our previously enrolled devices with a device ID manually set do show the correct SN for the enrolled devices under the "Serial Number" column. I do not believe it captures the IMEI of these devices as it does not populate in device information after enrollment.

One thing I did notice is when you enter a custom ID after enrollment, the headwind admin will detect the device being enrolled. However, the serial number does not show in the column until AFTER the enrollment process is completed on the Android device.

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? Is this a device specific issue?

I have updated my web admin to 5.12.1, and the device is running Headwind 5.14.

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

If further info is needed, please let me know!

Thank you for providing such a great MDM solution.
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Please check that your device is properly set up and has the Device Owner permissions (MDM mode), this is required to get the serial number or IMEI: https://qa.h-mdm.com/4895/   Also, on Android 9 and below, there are known issues like yours - the device may not use serial number as the device number.
I can confirm I am enrolling the device through the device owner mode. We only stage the devices from a factory reset state, and scan the enrollment barcode from the Android welcome screen.

We are running Android 11, so I don't believe that would be the issue.

I have checked the logs after manually defining a Device ID, and there's nothing that stands out, besides MQTT failure. The MQTT failure goes away once I enable Google location services.

Is there any further info I can provide to help diagnose the issue?


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From further conversations with HMDM (thank you Vsevolod), we were able to diagnose this as a Zebra TC21 issue.

When I was trying to enroll the devices from the Android welcome screen, I was directly scanning the enrollment barcode from Headwind MDM, without tapping on the blue background 5 times to open the QR enrollment screen.

I was able to scan the enrollment barcode without going to this screen because the Zebra TC21's have built in barcode scanners.

After following the exact instructions provided by Headwind, the newly enrolled devices are now being assigned an ID of serial number.
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