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We noticed that when we save the configuration, there's a high CPU and network load. The configuration has more than 5000 devices. How to reduce the load?
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When you save the configuration, all devices in a group receive a Push notification and start refreshing their configuration and downloading updates. This may produce high load when the configuration is used by thousands of devices.

You can reduce the speed of sending Push notifications in Headwind MDM 5.11.1 or newer.

Add (or uncomment) the following line in ROOT.xml:

    <!-- Optional tag for delaying MQTT messages in milliseconds

     to avoid congestion when all devices are updating configuration at the same time -->

    <Parameter name="mqtt.message.delay" value="100"/>

Specify the delay in milliseconds between Push messages. This will reduce the load but increase the time of sending.

For example, the value of 100 will send 10 messages per second, whereas the value of 10 will send 100 messages per second.

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