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I can do it in the web panel .

But It won't work if I call with the sample API.

I can upload the XLSX and get the uuid, but it reject me when I use the Parsefile API(403, But my token is come from a SuperAdmin account)

Am I wrong about using those API?
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There's no documented REST method to import devices, and there's a 2-page wizard so the API usage could be a bit complicated.

You need to check which method is used to upload XLSX and import devices by using the Chrome developer console: https://qa.h-mdm.com/16735/

To use REST API, you need to get a JWT token first, see details here: https://qa.h-mdm.com/4625/
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I can see there are total 3 api.
But I am stuck in using the second one
I test this api by using postman, and It keep reject my request with 403.
I'm sure that I already input the JWT token.
I use the same payload I find In the developer console(just replace the filepath because It look like I need to input the uuid I get from the first api), so I think this is not the reason why I fail.
Forget about it. I just find out the reason is about the cookie.